Celebrate a life well-lived with nature-inspired verses for memorial cards. The Memorial Card Company brings you words of comfort and connection with the natural world.

The Memorial Card Company offers a serene collection of nature-inspired verses for memorial cards, remembrance cards, and funeral cards, embodying the eternal beauty and resilience of the natural world. Nature, in all its majesty and tranquility, provides a poignant backdrop for reflection and remembrance, reminding us of the cycle of life and the enduring presence of those we have lost. Our collection draws upon the imagery of the natural world – the whispering trees, the flowing rivers, the vast skies – to offer comfort and solace in times of grief.
These verses are carefully selected to resonate with the spirits of those who found peace and solace in the embrace of nature. They speak to the heart, offering words of comfort and connection, and serve as a reminder of the timeless bond between our loved ones and the earth. Each verse captures the essence of the natural world’s tranquility and beauty, reflecting the deep, enduring connections we share with those who have passed through the use of memorial cards, remembrance cards, and funeral cards.
In curating these nature-inspired verses, The Memorial Card Company aims to provide a source of comfort and inspiration for those seeking solace in the beauty of the natural world. These verses remind us that our loved ones are never truly gone; their spirits continue to surround us, reflected in the beauty of the earth and the continuity of life.
Let these words be a gentle reminder of the peace and beauty that nature offers, a comfort in moments of sorrow, and a celebration of the lives of those we hold dear. In the natural world, we find a powerful symbol of renewal and hope, a testament to the enduring cycle of life and the everlasting impact of the memories we cherish, all encapsulated in the thoughtful selection of memorial cards, remembrance cards, and funeral cards.

When God was making Mothers – Verse 264

When God was making Mothers,
He must have made a fuss
He spent a lot of time on one
And gave that one to us.
Of all the gifts in life
However great or small,
To have you as our Mother
Was the greatest gift of all.
Because you were so special
No words could ever say
How much we love and miss you
Today and every day.

Missed So Dearly – Verse 265

Missed in the morning of every day,
Missed in the evening as light fades away,
Missed in a thousand and one little ways,
Around every corner a memory stays.
No one knows the pain we bear,
When we all meet and you're not there.
We talk, we laugh, we play our part,
But behind it all lie broken hearts.
You gave us years of happiness,
Then sorrow came with tears.
You left us lovely memories,
We will treasure through the years.

Take Flight – Verse 270

Take flight, dear Giant,
Over rocks poisoned with sea,
Through sand hardened with hail,
Leave your worries with me.

Your brothers and sisters too old,
To have conquered such a gale,
Overcome the roaring rain,
And the winds that wail.

They say your ship had sank,
And we cried out your name,
For a glimpse of a fading face,
And a voice that sounds the same.

Pauric Keenan

He bade no one a last farewell – Verse 239

He bade no one a last farewell,
He raised his hand to none,
His spirit flew before we knew,
That he from us had gone.
He never failed to do his best,
His heart was true and tender,
He worked, and toiled for those he loved,
And left them to remember.
Along the road to yesterday,
That leads us straight to you
Are memories of happy days
Together we once knew.
May he rest in peace dear Jesus,
In Thy Heavenly home above;
With the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
In His own eternal love.

The angels lined up side by side – Verse 240

The day you took our dad away.

He never thought when leaving home – Verse 243

He never thought when leaving home,
He would never more return,
That he in death so soon would sleep,
And leave us here alone.
A sudden call from God on high,
You had no chance to say goodbye,
Without farewell you fell asleep,
But memories of you we will always keep;
And those who loved you dearly,
Are the ones who won't forget.
No farewells were spoken,
We did not say goodbye,
You were gone before we knew it,
And only God knows why;
But we always will remember,
Our whole life through,
The last words we had with you.
We never fail to pray for you,
We never cease to care,
We wish we could go home again,
And find you waiting there;
To the Throne of Christ he will guide us,
And with us he will stand,
And that golden chain will be linked again,
Locked by Christ's Own hands.

Mother Dear – Verse 224

Beautiful things in this life
are manifold tis true,
we count the stars by thousands,
the birds and flowers, too;
The sunsets and dawnings,
rare beauties far and near,
but all the wide world over,
there’s just one “Mother Dear.”

In Heaven With My Son – Verse 230

Behind the stars in the sky
In the heavens up above
Dad’s car starting up
Us two angels in the front
As we move up through the gears
Just smiles and love, no tears
Life’s worries have all gone
Just quality time for a father and his son
As heaven is all around us
Johnny Cash sings our favourite songs
No rush, no time, no deadlines
We’re back where we belong
We laugh and talk of old times
And how special they have been
The view from here in heaven
Is like nothing we’ve ever seen
And although we miss our loved ones
We’ll pray to keep you strong
And we’ll wait at heaven’s gates
For when you come along

Behind the Gates of Heaven – Verse 231

Behind the Gates of Heaven.
There’s someone special there,
A loving gentle Father,
Who always used to care,
Look around your garden Lord,
For a man with a smile,
That’s my precious Father, Lord,
He must stand out a mile,
Hold him in your arms Lord,
And treasure him with care,
For you have in your possession,
A father beyond compare.

Family & friends – Verse 238

Family & Friends, I have left you: my last breath did not say, “Goodbye”, for my love for you is truly timeless. I leave myself not to the undertaker and the grave, but to your memory with love. I leave my thoughts, my laughter, my dreams to you whom I have treasured. I give you what no thief can steal: tender, lovefilled moments, the successes we have shared, the challenging times that brought us closer together and the roads we have walked side by side. Whenever you are in need, call me: I will come to you with my arms full of wisdom and light to open up your blocked paths, to untangle your knots and to be your avenue to God. All I take with me as I leave is your love and the millions of memories of all that we have shared. So fear not nor grieve at my departure, you whom I have loved so much, for my roots and yours are forever intertwined.

A Place Where Children Are – Verse 185

What kind of place would heaven be with all its streets of gold,
if all the souls, that dwell up there like yours and mine, were old?
How strange would heaven’s music sound when harps begin to ring,
if children were not gathered ‘round to help the angels sing.
The children that God sends to us are only just a loan,
He knows we need their sunshine to make the house a home.
We need the inspiration of a baby’s blessed smile.
He doesn’t say they’ve come to stay, just lends them for a while.
Sometimes it takes them years to do the work for which they come.
Sometimes in just a month or two our Father calls them home.
I like to think some souls up there bear not one sinful scar.
I love to think of heaven as a place where children are.

God Needed an Angel in Heaven – Verse 192

God needed an angel in heaven
to stand at the Savior’s feet;
His choice must be the rarest
a lily pure and sweet.
He gazed upon the mighty throng
then stopped and picked the best,
our child was His chosen one
with Jesus she’s[he’s] now at rest.